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How it Works

Greeting Surprise introduces a new kind of greeting card, which will be sure to bring even more joy and happiness from traditional greeting cards than ever before.


Here's how it works! When you send one our exclusive Greeting Surprise cards, you are sending more than just a greeting card ... you are sending a personalized, fun, interactive experience.

When your recipient gets the card, they can to to the special website address displayed on the inside of the card, for example,

Once there, they can watch a special animation and interact with your online surprise website, such as viewing photos, videos, play games and more.

Your online greeting surprise is sure to provide a memorable, fun experience for your friends and family, that they'll be sure to share.

Do cards different this year and send a Greeting Surprise to your family and friends for the Holidays.
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November 22nd, 2010 prepares for launch at Orange County web store location, scheduled for December 2nd, 2010.

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quoteMy friends were thrilled with my greeting card. Everyone kept asking where did I get it. It was the coolest thing they had seen!"

- Jennifer G

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